Data Visualization

DavinSoft data visualization solution is as easy to use as PowerPoint and flexibly supports user needs


Data Visualization

Visualize data easily and quickly as intended by the user.

Easy to configure process flow diagram like PowerPoint!

There are various ways to view the data generated by the facility.

Visualizing data in a real process flow diagram or similar to an actual facility is a very efficient way to intuitively accept data. Along with images of buildings and facilities, signals such as energy flow and flow rates such as electricity, air, water, and gas, operating speed of the facility, pressure, vibration, temperature, and tank level can be configured according to user intentions.

Users can implement the presentation screen as if configuring a presentation screen with PowerPoint without any help from the supplier.

When expanding, changing facilities, and implementing monitoring screens of new configurations, it provides efficiency due to easy usage and the advantages of reducing costs by self-solving.

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DataMon is a facility real-time, high-speed monitoring/control software that can effectively visualize and process data.

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