Data Security

The DavinSoft Security Solution protects critical security networks and data from malicious cyber attacks.


Inter-network data security solution

Protecting important network devices from cyberattacks.

In general, an independent security network is operated to protect key facilities, control systems, and important facilities. When it is necessary to collect data from facilities connected to a secure network, it is necessary to prepare for external malicious attacks.

Intrusion into the secure network is impossible from the external network, and the problem can be solved by unidirectional data transmission from the secure network to the external network.

In addition to one-way data transmission, you can protect important networks through integrity, system security audit, network security audit, account access history, and alarm handling.

Customer in need

  • Important state agencies that need security.
  • Public enterprise
  • Important industrial facilities, Process plants
  • Smart factory

Security level

  • Compliant with CC Certification Level 2, Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 2 Specifications

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