DataMon is a facility real-time, high-speed monitoring/control software that can effectively visualize and process data.



Real-time high-speed monitoring and control system

Davinsoft DataMon is a data monitoring software product that acquires real-time signals from control/monitoring devices such as Gateway, DCS, PLC, etc., and visualizes it to monitor and control it.


The screen editing function for data visualization allows users to edit conveniently like PowerPoint, so that facility data can be flexibly visualized as intended to increase work efficiency and improve work efficiency.

  • Device driver support (OPC DA, OPC UA, MODBUS, etc.)
  • Real-time loading/unloading for drivers
  • Support for automatic calculations and scripts
  • Support real-time access to channels
  • DLP(Data Loss Prevention)
  • Distributed system structure support (Multilayer, Multilink)
  • Modular structure, user API provided
  • Secure communication support
    - One-way communication
    - Use of international standard encryption algorithm
    (AES, SHA, RSA, X.509 certificate)
  • Support for device driver monitoring.
  • Support for network channel monitoring function
  • Support for real-time data view function
  • Support for Item view and management
  • Dashboard
    - Various drawing tools
    - symbol functions
    - layer functions
    - property control functions
    - full screen functions
    - save and import
    - edit and execute functions
  • Trend View
  • XY Plot View
  • Vector graphic screen editing
    -drawing tool, symbol, layer, attribute control function
  • Commercial database support (MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, etc.)
  • Supports standard interfaces for databases

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